How Does Chiropractic Work For Headaches?

Ever wonder how chiropractic care can reduce headaches and migraines? Read on to learn more about how we treat headaches.

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Injuries And Treatment In Whiplash Patients

Understanding the injuries that occur in auto / whiplash injuries is a challenge as is deciding on the treatment of choice.

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Meet Our Staff

Mindy Johnson

Mindy is the "backbone" of our office. She has been overseeing the operations of our office for over 13 years and brings professionalism, compassion, and experience to the position. Her expertise comes from being in the medical profession for 25+ years working for both insurance companies as a claims processor and as office manager for both family practice and surgical practices. She is a true advocate for our patients and makes sure all your financial/insurance questions are handled efficiently. She welcomes our patients with warmth and enthusiasm.

Paula Flodquist

Paula is our front desk assistant and is here to effectively answer your calls, schedule your appointments and keep things running as smoothly as possible. Her goal is to assure that every patient has a wonderful experience. She loves seeing the smile on each patient's face when they walk into the office.

Paula takes ownership of this position and brings a deep level of compassion into the office. She aspires to become an Alternative Medicine provider and works full time while taking on-line classes to pursue her dream.