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Injuries And Treatment In Whiplash Patients

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Health Is A Balancing Act

Written on Apr 1st, 2012 by Dr. Tim Grothman

Health requires a balance in our lives. At Chiropractic Physicians in Post Falls, Idaho we believe that improved health and pain relief can be achieved by helping the body to heal itself.

Health requires a balance of the:

  • physical or structural components of the body
  • chemistry or nutrition of the body
  • emotional and spiritual components

Our office treats the patient as an individual or a whole. We offer the best structural correction through contemporary and comfortable chiropractic techniques.

We also use Nutrition Response Testing to determine the specific nutrients that are most needed by the body to heal and function more normally on its own.

We also encourage positive emotional changes that do require some self-help. Dr. Fabizio Mancini recently appeared on the Dr. Phil Show. (March 14, 2012) His new book, “The Power of Self Healing,” talks about the balance of physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to take control of his or her own health.

At our office, however, we look at the emotional and spiritual components as different aspects of one area of healing. We feel that the third area of healing is chemistry or nutrition. When combined with proper structural correction and emotional health, nutrition will provide the basic building blocks for the body to properly perform the thousands of chemical processes taking place every second in a healthy body.

You can view the segment that aired on the Dr. Phil Show below.

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